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Boxercise Instructor Course


8 CIMSPA Points (Face-to-face)
9 CIMSPA Points (Online course)


Face-to-face, Zoom and Distance Learning options


8 hours


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Instructor: Boxercise™

Specialists in the exercise concept based on the training methods used by boxers.

This Boxercise Instructor Course has been designed for fitness professionals and coaches that are looking to expand their skill set and enhance their careers. By learning the fundamental techniques of boxing training you’ll be able to design and deliver exciting and effective classes and personal fitness programmes. Boxercise™ is a popular and highly rewarding way to exercise so this is a great opportunity for fitness professionals and sports coaches to master essential skills and boxing training techniques. Boxing skills are a powerful tool for developing fitness, coordination, discipline and engagement. Incorporating boxing skills into your repertoire can significantly enhance your fitness programs, whether for group classes or one-on-one sessions with clients.

In this course, you will learn how to design and deliver Boxercise™ sessions and classes safely. Emphasis is placed on developing punching and padwork skills, ensuring their safe application within a fitness or coaching environment. The Boxercise Instructor Course qualification can be earned through various formats: attend a face-to-face course at locations across the UK, participate in a Zoom session, or complete the Boxercise e-distance learning course online.


* Included with annual registration – £40/year


This Boxercise Instructor course is aimed fitness professionals who have completed our Level 2 Fitness Instructor qualification, or hold an equivalent qualification in Sport/Fitness or Coaching. We also accept PE teachers, Sports Science graduates, Armed Forces PTIs, qualified martial art coaches with a Black belt or above and full National Federation Approved Boxing Coaches or BBBofC Trainers. 

Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes include being able to teach boxercise to groups and individuals on our Boxercise Instructor Course

By the end of this Boxercise Instructor Course you will be able to effectively teach Boxercise as a class or to individual PT clients. 

  • Learn all the 8 punches and how to safely coach and teach them to others. All safety and technical aspects are taught using a range of coaching methods. 

  • Learn correct footwork and how to teach others, including drills 1-18 from the Boxercise Footwork Training System. 

  • Group work – practise teaching the punches to others yourself. 

  • Boxercise Aerobic – Introduced as one style of class/warm up. 

  • Group Work- Start putting the punches you have been taught to create exciting routines. 

  • Boxercise Manual discussion. 

  • Equipment Education – How to choose and use boxing equipment correctly. 

  • Hand wrapping for the beginner. 

  • Interactive discussion on class formats and design. 

  • Design your own class as part of a group. 

  • Learn how to safely hold the focus pads whilst your client is punching, learn how to spot and correct all the major faults made by novice punchers and how to adapt your coaching for visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners. 

  • Learn how to coach others on how to hold focus pads. 

  • Put these together and coach, teach and instruct combinations on the pads. 

  • Practical Assessment – Working in pairs, demonstrate the techniques and coaching skills you have learnt during the course. 

  • Class/Session examples – covering all styles. Aerobics, Circuits, Coached Pads (technical skills sessions), Beasting Sessions and Bootcamp style formats. 

  • Attendees will see how the course tutors run a class and gain many new ideas to enable the successful running of a Boxercise class.

Course Format

Format of the Boxercise Instructor Course includes online, Zoom and face and face

The Boxercise Instructor course can be gained by completing and passing 1 of 3 course formats. 

Face to Face Boxercise Instructor Course

Work with instructors in a 1 day course (8 hours) intensive training course at one of their 13 dedicated training centre located around the UK. You’ll get expert coaching and supportive tuition and gain further insight by attending a group format. All equipment is provided for use on the course. 

Zoom Boxercise Instructor Course 

Our zoom sessions are LIVE 1 days courses ran from 10am – 6:30pm. All you need is a safe environment and access to a computer and Zoom. Use your own focus pads and Bag mitts/gloves and you will need someone to assist you to practise your coaching and punching skills. Practical assessment incorporated on the day of the course.

Distance Learning Boxercise Instructor Course 

If you can’t attend a training centre or put aside a entire day for this course, there is always the option of completing your Boxercise Instructor training via the distance learning course. You’ll have full access to the online course which includes step-by-step guidance and 6 hours of video tutorials plus technique Practise Time. Assessment on the course is a mixture of multiple-choice questions and 2 practical video submission.  We recommend a 1 months guidance to complete the course.


Career & Progression

The Boxercise Instructor Course give PTs and fitness professionals lots of options for career progression and development

By being able to offer Boxercise training you’ll be able to offer a diverse range of boxing skills that can help clients of all ages develop their fitness, coordination and improve overall fitness performance. 

Benefits for PTs and Fitness Professionals
  1. Expanded Skill Set: Adding Boxercise to your skillset sets you apart in the competitive fitness industry, making you more versatile and marketable. It’s what we believe makes you a good Personal Trainer.
  2. Increased Clientele: Offering a unique and high-demand service like Boxercise can attract a broader range of clients, from beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts.
  3. Enhanced Client Engagement: Boxercise provides a dynamic and enjoyable workout option, helping to retain clients by keeping their routines fresh and exciting.
  4. Professional Growth: Gaining expertise in a specialised area like Boxercise can open doors to advanced training opportunities and higher-level certifications.
  5. Increased Earnings Potential: Specialised skills often justify higher rates, allowing you to increase your income by offering premium services and grow your Personal Trainer Business.
  6. Networking Opportunities: Engaging with other fitness professionals through this course can lead to valuable connections and collaborative opportunities within the industry.
  7. Comprehensive Training: This course offers comprehensive training, equipping you with the knowledge and confidence to deliver high-quality Boxercise sessions. Whether in a gym, studio, or personal training setting, you’ll be prepared to integrate these techniques effectively.

Embrace the opportunity to elevate your career with the Boxercise Instructor Course and unlock new pathways for professional success and personal fulfilment in the fitness industry.


We offer a range of CPD courses for fitness professionals that are designed to enhance your knowledge and propel your career. This Boxercise Instructor training provides 8-9 CIMSPA CPD points depending on the training option you choose. 

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About Your Boxercise™ Instructor

Boxercise is an exercise concept based on the training methods used by boxers. Sessions typically involve hitting focus pads but no class involves hitting an opponent. It is a fun, challenging and safe workout which is great for stress busting, accessible to all ages and fitness levels.

As specialists in this field we run courses to train and support fitness professionals and sports coaches to adapt the age-old art of boxing to deliver a safe, fun and inclusive form of exercise and padwork coaching. Since 1992 we have trained over 25,000 professionals in 35 countries. Boxercise is a Registered Trademark and World Recognised Brand Name.

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