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Fitness Nutrition Mindset – Val Craft

This event has expired

The Seminar will cover:

This seminar will take a look at Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset. It is a designed to teach anyone wishing to get into fitness or develop their fitness further about the basics. The fitness and nutrition elements are tied together in this presentation with mindset. In Val’s experience mindset is the key to building healthy habits into our lifestyles. We often see the human body as a mechanical machine but with a human brain driven primarily by emotion and hormones, it is important to recognise that the physical and psychological attributes of our body are inextricably linked. We cannot work on one without needing to work concurrently on the other.


This Worksop is designed for:

  • Fitness Professionals wishing to develop their knowledge to help clients
  • Fitness enthusiasts who want to learn more about building healthy habits
  • Those not yet currently active or leading a healthy lifestyle but who would like to be


Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the different elements of fitness
  • Understand the Government Guidelines on Fitness
  • Understand the different elements of nutrition
  • Understand the Government Guidelines on nutrition as per the 5-a-day initiative
  • Understand the basic principles of how the human mind works and how this can help to develop healthy habits
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