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Mindset for Weight Loss – Val Craft

This event has expired

The Seminar will cover:

This seminar will take a look at why it is imperative for Fitness Professionals to begin to learn more about the psychology of the mind in being able to help clients with their fat-loss goals.

Many people believe it is as simple as eating less and moving more. However, if it were that simple there would not be the obesity problem there is in the Western World.

Often when clients undertake a calorie restricted diet whilst also exercising they see short term fat-loss. However, without impacting anything more deeply on a psychological level, fat-loss is seldom maintained long-term.

This seminar aims to give Fitness Professionals an insight into the workings of the human mind and how addictive patterns of behaviour like overeating are psychologically grounded.


This Worksop is designed for:

  • Fitness Professionals wishing to develop their knowledge to help clients


Learning Outcomes:

  • Begin to understand the basic working of the human mind
  • Begin to understand the psychology of additive behaviour
  • Begin to understand why further understanding of psychology and addiction will help Fitness Professionals to help their clients to be successful long-term
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