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How To Become A Kettlebell Specialist

We have a confession to make! At T2, we have a big soft spot for Kettlebell Training. So, we’re going to tell you how to become a kettlebell specialist.

Rather like Suspended Movement Training, Kettlebell Training is one of the most versatile training techniques that a Personal Trainer can use. Put simply, using them correctly, they create dynamic exercises that utilize all three planes of movements using one piece of equipment.

As 2020 has shown us, the fitness industry needs to be versatile and able to adapt to changing circumstances in order for personal trainers to continue earning a living. That’s why at T2, we encourage all students to further their training with specialist CPDs, giving them the knowledge and expertise to train their clients safely while standing out from their competitors.

In the case of Kettlebell Training, whether its training online, outdoors or in a gym, this portable piece of equipment will help you deliver programs that achieve any goal in CV, flexibility, toning and strength. If there’s one thing you choose to invest in, this training technique really does punch above its weight. Read on to find out more.


Why Specializing In Kettlebell Training Is A Good Idea?

Kettlebells are one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment and it has been like this for quite some time, but they are nothing new. There is evidence that kettlebells have been around from way before dumbbells and barbells, dating back to medieval times.

Work with Different Client Groups

Having a kettlebell training qualification is very versatile, just like kettlebells themselves. While the equipment enables you to create various different types of workouts – which is ideal as no two clients’ needs are the same – getting qualified will enable you to learn numerous ways to use the equipment effectively to meet different objectives.

For example, Kettlebells are an integral part of functional fitness, and athletes all over the globe love using them as they help develop power. But, because classic kettlebell movements train the body across multiple planes, they are also equally useful for regular folks who are spending most of their days sitting, or even those specialist populations that suffer from Back Pain.

By working out with kettlebells, you develop not only strength, but work on cardio, tone and mobility simultaneously. That will give your clients a very effective, well-rounded workout that will benefit them in several ways. Therefore if you get a kettlebell certification, you will likely use it with various client groups, making it an excellent investment.


How To Become A Kettlebells Specialist?

If you are a Level 2 Fitness Instructor, or Level 3 Personal Trainer, becoming a kettlebell specialist is as simple as completing the one-day kettlebell CPD, or an online kettlebell certification.

Getting a kettlebell training certificate will give you all the knowledge you need so you can teach your clients how to use the popular training tool. You will understand all the benefits of ballistic kettlebell training and all the cues of proper exercise execution, which will minimize injury risk and keep your clients safe.

You will also learn how to structure your workouts, whether it will be group training or private sessions, to make sure they are safe, effective, and fun to do.

Our course focuses on five core kettlebell movements, which are the foundation of every kettlebell workout: swing, snatch, clean, high-pull, and Turkish get-up. Once you master the basics and learn workout structures, it will be very easy for you to incorporate variations into your routines, keeping them fresh and challenging.



Choosing Kettlebell Training for continuing professional development is a great investment that will improve your skills and enhance the service you can offer multiple client groups. Gyms are always on a lookout for PTs that can offer something for all of their different client groups, which means you’ll stand out from your competition.

Meanwhile, Kettlebells are a great option for freelance fitness too, as you can organize a one-on-one outdoors or online that still achieves your client’s objective, all from one very affordable training tool.



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