Stu Gatherum – T2 Fitness

Stu Gatherum

Founder & Managing Director

Stu is the founder of T2. In 2008, after 7 years experience as a personal trainer, he decided to branch into the education side of the industry and in 2011, T2 Fitness Education was born. Alongside running T2 Fitness Education and training elite athlete clients, Stu is also the syllabus creator for many of our courses which are accredited by various industry bodies.

Stu has a degree in Sport and Exercise Science, a Post-Graduate qualification in Strength & Conditioning and international experience working in Ireland, St Lucia, Barbados, Canada and America. As an educator, his work has also taken him to Asia and Italy, partnering with global brand Technogym to deliver their training.

When he isn’t busy working on business ventures, he enjoys being in the classroom, on the gym floor or on webinars teaching T2 students.

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