Military Approved Courses

Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELCAS)

A career in the military has most likely taught you discipline, teamwork and an understanding of fitness. Therefore, when it’s time consider life after the Armed Forces, many find there is a synergy to Personal Training and are attracted to working in the fitness industry.

If you’re an active serving personnel or have recently left, we’re an approved ELC provider that can help you transition into the fitness industry and launch your new career.


Military Approved Courses

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The Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELCAS) promotes lifelong learning among members of the Armed Forces. Depending on your length of service and whether you've made any other claims, ECLAS could provide financial support towards higher level learning of Level 3 or above qualifications, including our approved Level 3 Personal Trainer course or our Personal Training Diploma.
To become an approved Learning Provider, we have demonstrated we meet the high standards of training and education provisions expected by the MOD as a supplier. This process includes continual audits and evaluations so that you can be confident you are receiving a quality education that meets high standards.
Firstly, through your own channels you will be required to complete the ELCAS application form to apply for your credits.

Secondly, you will receive a Claim Authorisation Note which is to be forwarded to us.

Finally, we will invoice you with the ELCAS contribution credited and any balance that remains. Once your contributions are paid, you will receive access to study materials and we take care of the rest.