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How To Become A Spin Instructor

Studio cycling is nothing new, but that’s the beauty of it – it is one of those evergreen fitness branches that will always have a fanbase. It doesn’t receive as much of a buzz as some of the other fitness trends we see, but whenever you take a peek into a studio cycling class, you can see that it’s full.

This post will tell you why and how to become a spin instructor or studio cyclist specialist, helping you push your personal trainer business to the next level. Let’s roll!

Why is Specializing In Spin (AKA Studio Cycling) a Good Idea?

As we noted, studio cycling is one of those activities that will never go out of fashion. It rarely gets the hype like some other activities (CrossFit, for example), but it is always present, and the classes are full. So, if you are looking to invest your time and money into a specialization that you know for sure is here to stay, studio cycling is ideal.

Here are some reasons why studio cycling classes remain popular:

Great cardio – studio cycling classes burn more calories than most other group fitness classes, and you will hardly find a better ratio of calories burned per hour than this.

Very safe – although cycling is a strenuous activity, and your clientele will be dripping sweat and gasping for air, the injury risks are minimal. Plus, cycling is famous for being low-impact and joint-friendly. That means that even overweight clients, as well as those with bad knees and ankles, can enjoy the benefits of studio cycling. Also, cycling is extremely simple to perform, and you won’t have to teach your clients how to execute proper form. All you need to do is to adjust their spin bicycle seat and handlebar height and give them a few tips, and your clients will be good to go.

Incredibly fun – spin cycling classes are all about syncing with the music, which is very fun. However, because you as a coach are cycling too, you won’t have to learn fancy and complicated choreographies as you see in some other classes, which will make your job a bit easier.


How to Become a Spin Instructor

While studio cycling might seem like something you don’t need training for, that is not the case. You need to learn how to structure your workouts, sync them with music, and keep your clientele engaged and enjoying the class.

T2 Fitness offers a dedicated studio cycling CPD (Continuous Professional Development) course. As well as an online studio cycling course. By the time you finish it (and it only takes a day), you will learn how to create your own studio cycling workouts that will be one of a kind, energetic and fun, but also safe. This will keep clients wanting to come back to your classes, which certainly gets unnoticed by gym managers.



Becoming a studio cycling specialist is an excellent option for any personal trainer. Depending on your employment status, should you be a freelancer, you won’t be tied to a single gym or fitness club – instead, you will offer your spin cycling specialist services to multiple clubs at once, boosting your income.

Also, once people start liking your sessions, you can organize your own groups, further increasing revenue. Investing in your knowledge and expertise is always a smart choice, and studio cycling CPD is no exception – if you decide to go with the course, you will instantly realize that you made a wise decision.



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