PT Admin Starter Pack – Bronze


Save hours of your time with our ready-made Personal Trainer admin packs, complete with tried and tested forms and templates.

Our Bronze Starter Pack for beginners includes:


– Informed Consent Form

– Programme Template

Once your purchase is completed, you will have 30 days to download your files.


Save time and get going sooner with our Bronze Starter Pack for beginners.

This pack includes:

– PAR-Q: The physical activity readiness questionnaire (PARQ) is probably the most essential form for your coaching pack. It’s a straightforward form which should be completed before any physical activity is undertaken, and is the document which clears your client as safe to embark on a physical exercise regime.

– Informed Consent Form: A form that is signed by the client giving their consent to exercise and stating they have fully disclosed all items that may in any way affect their exercise participation.

– Programme Template: Crucial to help your clients achieve their goals of losing fat, building muscle, or improving their performance. Keep on track of your clients’ stats in order to progress or regress your clients accordingly. By continually showing your clients the progress that they have made since starting with you, you’ll make sure you keep their motivation for exercise high.