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T2 and Technogym Announce Exciting New Partnership

Guys, we’ve got an announcement to make. We’re taking the next step in our relationship.

Yes, that’s right. We’re now ‘T2 powered by Technogym’ official!

We caught up with T2 founder Stu Gatherum, and Technogym’s Education Manager Luke Townsend, to find out more about what this new partnership entails for T2 and its students….


Stu, tell us a little more about your history with Technogym.

S: “I have used Technogym products throughout my entire fitness career. I remember the equipment from working in gyms as a 17-18 year old. For me, they were the pinnacle of gym equipment. Little did I know I would forge such a bond with the company.”

Anyone who follows your Instagram or T2’s will notice you’ve worked with them a lot. Can you share a little about your role with Technogym?

S: “Sure. I started working as a Master Trainer for Technogym 10 years ago which involved visiting health clubs and gyms on behalf of Technogym to deliver training to Gym Instructors and Personal Trainers. The role originally centred on delivering Group Cycle education, so I would teach how best to use the equipment and share lots of ideas on how to run an awesome spin session.

“The role soon developed into delivering training for all product lines before specialising again. While I can deliver training on all Technogym products, I now primarily specialise in the Skill Line range of equipment and Group Cycle.

“This work has enabled me to travel the world to deliver training, including the Philippines, Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur. I’m also extremely lucky that I’ve been able to help create content with the team at Technogym’s Italian headquarters.”

Why do you like their products? 

S: Technogym stands for high quality. Quite simply, they are the industry leaders for the manufacture and innovation of fitness equipment, as well as trailblazers in their philosophical and methodical approach to exercise.

“The products speak for themselves, and I feel a tremendous sense of synergy with Technogym as T2 aims to be the leader in fitness education and deliver the highest quality service we can for students.”

What does the T2 Powered by Technogym Partnership mean for students?

S: “Essentially, we can add value to the process of acquiring fitness equipment for your personal trainer business. We have the inside track to each department in the UK, so we can act as a special consultant in your dealings with Technogym. Whether you have a home studio to equip, portable freelance equipment to source or a whole gym to fit out, we can get you the very best deals when starting up your new venture.”

How can you help students who need kitting out or starting up?

S: “Our mantra is to get students industry ready so that once you’re qualified, you can hit the ground running from day one. This partnership with Technogym enables us to offer unique perspective, guidance, and advise what equipment will suit your layout, training philosophy, members, clients, and skillset.

“We will also be able to act as a point of contact throughout your purchasing. Once you’re set up, we will also offer a tremendous amount of training and education upon delivery so that you can get the best out of your equipment.”

Moving on to Luke: How long have you worked with Stu/T2, and what does your role entail?

L: “Technogym has been in partnership with Stu and T2 fitness over the last decade, from Stu working closely with partners to help them create fantastic health clubs to working as one of our senior educators. Stu delivers several product-specific and group exercise courses to our partners and trainers within the UK industry.

“My role as Education Manager and Format Specialist involves overseeing the internal staff’s education and Technogym UK, which includes the education of the personal trainers on new products, solutions, and group experiences. I look after a highly qualified team of trainers around the UK who support in this delivery, and Stu is one of these skilled professionals.

“The other part of my role also includes the success of group exercise experiences called formats, supporting customers with the pre-education and ongoing success of their facility format experiences.”

Tell us more about Technogym’s philosophy, and why new Personal Trainers should consider investing in your equipment?

L: “Technogym is the leading wellness company in design equipment and digital technologies for fitness, wellness and sport.

“Technogym has always been oriented towards innovation and technology; over the years we have built a unique digital ecosystem within the fitness industry, offering consumers a ‘Wellness on the go’ training experience that people can enjoy anywhere and anytime: at home, at the gym, at the office or at hotels when travelling.

“Now, more than ever, digital services and home fitness products allow people to continue following their wellness program.

“Personal trainers can benefit from small accessory items to bigger functional products to not only help you when delivering one-to-one sessions, but also to design in-home programmes for clients when they aren’t working hard with you!

“Whether their goal is athletic preparation or the simple pleasure of staying fit, Technogym can offer multiple solutions tailored to the training needs and spaces of each user.”

What are you excited about the most for the T2 powered by Technogym partnership?

L: “From Technogym’s perspective, it’s to continue on the fantastic partnership we’ve already established and progress it to another level by working closely with the T2 family of educated personal trainers.”

Stu & Luke, last of all, if you were to recommend one item, what is your go-to piece of Technogym equipment?

L: “Good question! If I had to have one piece in my home, it would be the Technogym Bench. Small, functional and adaptable – with over 200 exercises and a choice between dumbbells, resistance bands, bench and knuckle weight exercises – this will not only keep your body guessing, but it’s also a dream to create effective, progressive programming. It’s currently at a fantastic price, too!”

S: “If I were to have one piece in my home-gym it would be the SkillMill. The versatility it offers, and the ability to train for so many disciplines stands out alone to me. It’s also completely self-powered, meaning whatever work you put into it is reflected accurately in the data and metrics it displays.

“Speed, agility, quickness, power and acceleration are a given, but the rehab side of training, you can track gait analysis and technical running aspects to improve movement and technique.

“On a lighter budget? You can get so much from the SkillTools available. From foam rolling to balance, mobility and proprioceptive enhancement, you can do so much with the SkillTools”.”


For more information on the T2 Powered by Technogym partnership, please visit our dedicated page at https://t2fitness.co.uk/technogym/. For consultancy on equipment, please contact stu@t2fitness.co.uk


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