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Helping People With Gym Anxiety, Melina Selba

We’re catching up with some of the students of T2 Fitness who have qualified as Personal Trainers and continue to enhance their knowledge with our Continuing Professional Development – CPD Courses

After qualify with T2 Fitness, Melina Selba is specialising in Gym Anxiety. With first hand experience of gym shyness she was eager to help other women. With our help and continued support she is now helping other overcome their fears and develop their fitness. 

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Melina Selba is a Personal Trainer helping people with gym anxiety after qualifying with T2 Fitness Education.

Name: Melina Selba 

Position: Personal Trainer & Online Coach

Organisation: Buzz Gym

Located: Swindon

Services offered:  Working 1-2-1 with people to change their habits and help them develop confidence with going to the gym. 

Favourite Exercise: Hip Thrusts

I run a personal training business based in Buzz Gym in Swindon as well as an online coaching business. 

I have recently launched a new app and I work with over 50 amazing people to change their habits, introducing them into the gym and getting them from point A to B with confidence in the gym. I specialise in supporting gym newbies and helping females overcome gym anxiety to exceed their own beliefs. And I absolutely love it!


What were you doing before you became a PT?

Before becoming a Personal Trainer I worked in retail and accounting administration. I have always had a massive passion within helping people within the gym environment and expanding my education in the field. I am currently studying sport and exercise biochemistry along side my coaching business to really become an expert in the field of sport.


How did you interest in fitness develop? 

My interest in fitness has evolved over time. I specialise in helping people with gym anxiety and building people’s confidence. This definitely stems from my background of being a shy gym goer. I had no idea what I was doing, but from the get go I have always been super interested in developing my knowledge to help others so they don’t make my mistakes!


When did you decide to pursue your career as a Person Trainer?

Mid way through my second year in college I was met with an opportunity to become a personal trainer. At that time, I wasn’t yet planning on becoming a PT for a couple of years, however when the opportunity came up, I was more than excited to take it.


Why did you choose T2 Fitness Education?

T2 Fitness Education was recommended to me by a few coaches. I really loved the testimonials of the coaches who had graduated from T2 Fitness. I also knew them to be the best and was confident I could get the most out of my personal training qualification with them!  I had to go with the best (T2).


What have you found most helpful about the course(s)

For me, I love the clear sections of each of the courses. T2 always provide A LOT of additional resources and there is always a member of the team available to answer questions. They continue to support and promote me to this day! I couldn’t ask for more from a training provider.

Having completed a few courses, my confidence has increased no end! So, much so that I was able to establish my own business. As I mentioned, I was a super anxious gym goer myself, but with the help from T2 Fitness I saw my confidence sky rocket. This was largely down to to all of the things I had learnt on the courses.


What advice do you have for others who want to train to become a PT or instructor?

You can never know too much. Yes, anyone can get a personal training qualification but the knowledge does not stop there. Work with a diverse amount of people, ask questions and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. The industry is a competitive field but there is always a need for unique trainers. Know your strengths and don’t stop learning. T2 Fitness Education do amazing CPD courses.

I would recommend T2 Fitness with every inch of me!! T2 Fitness Education is the very reason I am where I am today. So, thank you guys!

Key Takeaways

  • Have you considered specialising in something you first-hand experience in?
  • If you lack confidence or doubt your own expertise then our courses are a great way to boost confidence and professional abilities
  • You can never know too much. Also strive to better yourself with Continuing Professional Development (CPD courses)
  • Always choose a provider that offer life-long career support. 


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